Concerns over ID fraud

54% of people more concerned about ID fraud now than they were 12 months ago.

According to recent research by credit report provider Callcredit, 54% of Brits are more concerned about ID fraud now than they were 12 months ago.

The over 55s are expressing the most amount of concern, with 69% saying that falling victim of identity theft worries them more now than it did last year, compared to 41% of 25-34 year olds.

Residents in the East of England appear most worried about the risk of fraud with 62% saying their fear of becoming a victim had grown over the last year.

Owen Roberts, Identity Protection Expert at Callcredit said:

"The unfortunate truth is that with the involvement of organised criminals and frequent revelations of personal data being lost, identity fraud has become a fact of life for UK consumers. We can, and must, all play our part in the fight against identity fraud which as individuals means ensuring we take steps to discourage, detect and deflect any attempt to steal our identity.

"A few simple steps such as checking your credit report regularly for suspicious accounts, shredding unwanted documents and making sure your anti-virus is up to date can often be enough to protect your identity. Falling victim to identity fraud can be a harrowing experience, but a small amount of time spent now can save you from months of trying to reclaim control of your own name."


Monday 6th October 2008 marks the UK's fourth National Identity Fraud Prevention Week (NIFPW), a major awareness drive which warns consumers about the dangers of identity fraud. NIFPW will educate consumers and businesses as to the preventative steps that could - and should - be taken.

Callcredit's top tips to protect your identity:

  • Don't throw your identity in the bin - keep track of your important documents and shred those you no longer need
  • Always check your statements and watch out for small unrecognised transactions as these can be a precursor to serious spending by a fraudster
  • Make certain you are watching for warning signs by regularly checking your credit report through services such as www.callcreditcheck.com
  • Keep passwords and PIN codes safe and don't disclose them to anyone
  • Don't broadcast your identity on the internet by failing to protect your PC

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