Coactiva lead Universal Credit Local Support Services Framework workshops

At last week's annual conference for the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV) in Telford, Coactiva led two workshops on the proposed new Local Support Services Framework (LSSF)for Universal Credit.

The workshops, attended by both Local Authority representatives and the DWP, looked at the emerging role of Local Authorities in assisting more needy claimants navigating the Universal Credit maze. Coactiva's James Rawlins outlined the framework published by the DWP back in February and described the pioneering work being done with the London Borough of Southwark.

Working with partners Be informed, Coactiva has demonstrated at LB Southwark the concepts of proactively targeting claimants with complex needs and then using innovative software to signpost them to appropriate advice and support from a network of providers under a local partnership agreement.  This aligns well with the Universal Credit principles of assisting individuals in making the journey from welfare to work and dependence to independence.

James recently addressed the challenges around the LSSF and the role of Local Authorities in his blog Local Support Services Framework: LAs vs CAB...Bet now!.