Coactiva joins CIPFA as one of the founding partners of new Counter Fraud Centre


Coactiva has been selected as one of the founding partners of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre (CCFC), which is leading and co-ordinating the fight against fraud and corruption across public services.

CIPFA, a global expert in public finance management, launched the Counter Fraud Centre in July 2014. As part of the Institute’s commitment to fight fraud, CIPFA has been working closely with a range of stakeholders, including a number of founding partners, to develop the tools, training and ideas to shape the future of counter fraud.

Coactiva, part of the Callcredit Information Group, has been selected for their specific expertise and knowledge in big data and data analytics. Coactiva provides practical solutions to fight fraud like the ThreeSixty Hub and advanced fraud prevention solutions such as risk based verification (RBV).

Andrew Davis, Director of Public Sector, Coactiva said: “We are delighted to be one of the founding partners of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre. Fraud is an issue that affects every honest citizen in the UK. Every pound we can help the public sector save by working with CIPFA and the public sector means more money for front-line services for those in need.”

Rachael Tiffen, head of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Coactiva as one of our founding partners. As the landscape changes and new threats emerge, public organisations are facing increasingly complex risks. But through pooling our resources by working together, we can develop new strategies to tackle fraud. ”