Coactiva helps Tamworth Borough Council identify 30 properties eligible for the New Homes Bonus

Local government expert Coactiva, part of the Callcredit Information Group has successfully joined forces with Tamworth Borough Council.

Tamworth Borough Council has used Coactiva’s intelligence to access New Homes Bonus funding from the Department for Communities & Local Government worth up to £210,000.  This has been done by identifying 30 properties as occupied that were previously categorised as ‘long term empty’. The Borough Council has also been able to increase council tax revenues by billing the current occupant at each of the newly-occupied addresses.

Coactiva’s ThreeSixty New Homes Bonus product enables local authorities to instantly identify which ‘long-term empty’ addresses are actually currently occupied. Councils receive the name, date of birth and move-in date for each current adult resident to allow cases to be investigated and verified in an efficient and timely manner. Tamworth also benefitted from accessing Coactiva’s ThreeSixty Online service which allows local authorities to understand exactly what evidence exists to place a given individual at the address in question.

Michael Buckland, Head of Revenues, Tamworth Borough Council said: “Changes to council tax discounts as a result of the Local Government Finance Act 2012 has resulted in an increased number of cases where householders have not informed Tamworth Borough Council when an empty property has come back into use.

“The Borough Council has successfully worked with Coactiva to identify 30 long-term empty properties that have recently been re-occupied.”

Councillor Rob Pritchard, Deputy Leader of Tamworth Borough Council said: “Coactiva’s intelligence has allowed us to access vital New Homes Bonus funding from central government as well as influencing the Borough Council’s future Empty Homes strategy. This money will go to help fund important front line services.” 

Andrew Davis, Public Sector Director, Coactiva said: “We are delighted that Tamworth Borough Council has been able to claim valuable New Homes Bonus grants by cleansing their council tax records with our help.

“Local authorities across England are now working with Coactiva to identify further ‘empty’ properties that are actually occupied ahead of the 2014 council tax base return.”