Client satisfaction remains strong for Callcredit

CS Client survey 2015Client survey results released today [10 August 2015] for Callcredit Information Group’s Credit Solutions division show that Callcredit’s focus on the customer is highly regarded.

The UK’s second largest credit reference agency in the UK, Callcredit has seen significant levels of growth year on year.  This success has been aligned with a continuing focus on customer satisfaction which is reflected in the latest annual survey of the company’s clients’ views. 

This is Callcredit’s 11th annual client survey with key output showcasing that 96 per cent of clients would consider the company for future projects.

Eamonn Tierney, Managing Director, Callcredit Information Group - Credit Solutions said: “Callcredit has always had a focus on innovation and product excellence, but at the heart of our company there has been a determination to serve our customers and partners the best we possibly can.  The results of the 2015 survey highlight that our customers believe we are focused on their requirements and objectives and I am very pleased to see improvements across all key measures over previous years’ surveys.  We will maintain this focus and continue to put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business.”

The survey also asked for a view of Callcredit relative to their key competitors.  On eight specific measures including ‘Value for Money’, ‘Quality of Service’ and ‘Strength of Relationship’, Callcredit scored higher and in some cases significantly higher on all eight.

When questioned, the top three words or phrases that clients used to describe Callcredit were:

  • Innovative 
  • Reliable 
  • Having accurate data

The results highlight a view that Callcredit’s customer base has expanded and that acquisitions and takeovers have given a stronger presence and higher profile in the marketplace.

For more information view our infographic.

*The research was conducted between 3 June and 30 June 2015 by an independent company, Customer Care Research. The research was undertaken via phone interviews with a sample of 231 decision makers representing 187 different companies, questioned on Callcredit’s service, product attributes and the attributes of its people.