Cancer Council NSW uses CAMEO to increase charitable donations

Cancer Council NSW is utilising Callcredit Information Group’s consumer segmentation tool, CAMEO, in order to more efficiently identify individuals who may offer charitable donations.

Cancer Council NSW (CCNSW) is an independent Australian charity, 96 % community funded and provides support to people as they undergo treatment for cancer, as well as undertaking vital research. The organisation recognises the importance of maintaining levels of donations in the competitive Australian market and therefore required access to data that would help them identify existing and likeminded donators.

By using Callcredit’s CAMEO Australia CCNSW are able to better understand the demographic profile, affluence, life stage and characteristics of their donor base, which allows them to focus their marketing spend on targeting potential donors with similar characteristics. It is also possible to understand which donors are more likely to donate on a regular basis compared to those who may make ad hoc donations, enabling CCNSW to tailor their communications accordingly.

CAMEO offers the most comprehensive consumer insight on the market in over 40 countries with address verification for over 246 countries worldwide. By linking address information to demographic data and lifestyle and socio-economic insight CAMEO enables marketers to gain detailed insight into customer behaviour in both the online and offline markets.

Xueyuan Dong, Data Analytics Manager at CCNS said “We are excited to be able to use demographic data to segment and analyse our 1.7 million individual supporters. The CAMEO data will helps us to profile our acquisition and provide more customised communications to existing supporters”

Alan Thornton, International Account Director at Callcredit added “CAMEO is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of different purposes. For CCNSW, understanding that no two people are exactly the same and how customers fit into different segments, it’s possible to unlock valuable and actionable insight which can be utilised to develop informed communication strategies and increase acquisition rates for donors”