Callcredit's New Product Transforms Collections Insight

Callcredit Information Group has today launched Data-Gateway, an innovative new product for the collections industry.

With debtor insight playing such a crucial role in collection strategies, Data-Gateway is an  exceptionally fast and simple data solution that can rapidly profile, audit, cleanse, suppress and enhance consumer data via a reliable online system available 24/7.

Data-Gateway sources a number of industry leading datasets including deceased, gone away and telephone data files. Upon uploading a file, it provides a statistical data cleansing and profile report within minutes telling users how their file has performed.

This functionality allows the user not only to gauge the data quality of the uploaded file, but also to benchmark performance on previous bought portfolios in order to make a sound assessment of how another potential portfolio may perform in the future.

Alan Golob, Head of Collections and Recoveries at Callcredit said: "As the Data-Gateway was developed in conjunction with our debt-purchasing clients, we are confident that it meets their needs as a cost-effective and diligent tool. It not only provides essential data cleansing functions at an incredible speed but also gives crucial insight into debt portfolios pre-purchase which can really help to deliver positive results.

"In a highly competitive market, extra insight can really help companies to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. This tool can deliver hugely significant benefits to collection companies and we're delighted to be launching the product to the industry."