Callcredit’s customers reaffirm commitment to support future growth

As Callcredit continues to see significant levels of growth year on year the company remains focused on what is at the heart of its success – customer service – by conducting its tenth customer satisfaction survey for its Credit Solutions division.

The research highlighted; 

  • 97 per cent of clients would consider the company for future projects
  • 87 per cent considered the company’s growth and success important to them
  • 91 per cent said that Callcredit provides quality, accurate credit data/intelligence/solutions, which enable companies to better understand both their existing and potential customer base
  • 81 per cent said Callcredit had a strong reputation.

The positive results clearly reinforce some of the company’s core values of listening, delivering, innovation and integrity, evidenced this year with further strong annual results announced in June where profits from operations increased by 57 per cent, and revenues increased by over 10 per cent, demonstrating that customer satisfaction remains a key factor in the success of the business.

Peter Mansfield, Managing Director, Callcredit Ltd said: “Throughout our continued growth we haven't forgotten what is at the heart of our success - our clients.  As a business it is important that we don’t stand still and that we look at ways we can continue to provide excellent customer service whilst at the same time achieving future growth.”

The survey also identified that the breadth, quality and availability of Callcredit’s data combined with innovation and service are the main reasons for businesses choosing to use Callcredit’s services.

Peter continued: “We have a strong business that continues to grow underpinned by a clear strategy focused on the needs of our business customers, partners and consumers. I take the feedback from our customer survey very seriously as this helps us drive our client focus across all our markets.”

For more information view our infographic.

*The research was conducted between July and August 2014 by an independent company, Customer Care Research. The research was undertaken via phone interviews with a sample of 231 decision makers representing 156 different companies, questioned on Callcredit’s service, product attributes and the attributes of its people.