Callcredit whitepaper looks at turning data into insight

Callcredit Information Group has today published its latest whitepaper, 'Making the Most of Your Data', looking at how effective use of credit data can deliver improved customer insight and smarter strategies in a challenging market.

The whitepaper is written by Will North, Market Development Manager at Callcredit, who examines how lenders and other organisations can reduce their exposure to unnecessary risk by using a wide range of data sources to influence their decisions.

He explores how businesses are increasingly looking for original ways to extract additional value from the data they have in order to develop coherent and effective strategies across a range of sectors. Callcredit has extensive expertise in this area, particularly in the field of credit limit management.

The whitepaper follows on from last year's publication, 'The Increasing Value of Data in Credit Risk Management', which examined how data can help lenders deal with the difficult economic conditions.

Will North said: "Delivering the right data into an organisation is only half the battle. Turning that data into insight - and that insight into effective strategies and better decisions - is even more important, particularly as the challenging economic and market conditions are encouraging lenders to adopt a more conservative approach to their lending strategies.

"There is a wealth of data available that organisations can use, and many businesses can even leverage significant additional value from the data they already have. Our consultants can support organisations in making the most of existing data, integrating new data sources and creating innovative strategies to improve their credit management decisions."

There are six main sections within the whitepaper - an introduction, background, Data Sources, More Effective Strategies and Smarter Decisions, A New Approach to Credit Limit Management, and a conclusion. The document can be found on the Callcredit website here.