Callcredit white paper urges brands to reinvent their customer lifecycle

Brands that adopt a 'customer lifecycle' approach to their marketing campaigns can expect a better return on their investment than those that do not, according to a new white paper from direct marketing experts Callcredit Information Group.

The white paper, Reinventing the Customer Lifecycle, is written by Paul Kennedy, head of consulting at Callcredit Marketing Solutions. In it, he explores how adopting a defined programme of ongoing customer communications - rather than taking a product-led, campaign-by-campaign approach - can drive better customer engagement, improve retention rates and increase revenue flows.

He also highlights how customer decision-making has changed over the last few years, driven by the economic squeeze and the rise of comparison sites and social networking. He explains that only a minority of brands have adapted to these changes by introducing lifecycle programmes, and that a more sophisticated approach - incorporating both online and offline behaviours - is needed to deliver above-average returns.

Paul Kennedy said: "The customer lifecycle concept is a familiar one for many marketers, but many brands in the UK continue to rely on campaigns based largely on promoting selected product lines, rather than the individual needs and interests of their customers.

"This white paper makes the case that, by considering a customer's interaction with a brand over time, identifying the most crucial interaction points and designing a programme of content to engage consumers at every trigger, brands can enjoy significant benefits, including better retention rates and increased revenues."

The white paper is in five sections and is available for download from the Callcredit website here.