Callcredit unveils new Home Move Triggers alert service

Businesses can retain and win new customers by identifying movers at an early stage

Callcredit Marketing Solutions has today unveiled a new service that will help marketers tap into the lucrative home mover market.

The Home Move Triggers Daily Alert service can identify consumers at every stage of the moving cycle - from putting their home on the market and securing a mortgage, through to completing the sale or signing a new rental contract.

Research shows that home movers spend an average of £5,000 on products and services related to their move, but this is also the time when consumers are most likely to change providers, with 65 per cent of people switching to a new supplier when they move. Home Move Triggers can help companies retain valuable business - and win new customers - by identifying these consumers at an early stage.

The service provides daily feeds of address-level information on up to 200,000 pre-mover prospects each month - the largest volume of home mover data on the market - using 'triggers' including For Sale or To Let boards being raised, a property going under offer, mortgage funds being secured, a sale completing or a new rental contract being signed, and Royal Mail redirects being implemented. This mailing list can then be matched to an existing customer database, or enhanced with names, phone numbers and email lists where available for customer acquisition. It can also be combined with insights such as CAMEO geodemographics and nGauge credit risk data for fine-tuned targeting.

The service, which covers both the sale and rental markets, will be particularly useful in the financial services, insurance, utilities, telecoms and sky/cable TV sectors.

Chris Savage, Managing Director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions, said: "Consumers who are in the process of moving home will typically be looking for a range of new products and services, and most will spend more in the first six months of moving than in the next five years. What's more startling is the colossal amount of revenue lost each year through customer churn, as in the majority of cases movers will look to change their mortgage, insurance, utilities and telecoms providers, making them a highly valuable market for retention.

"Our Home Move Triggers service can help companies minimise this risk - and even grow their customer base - by identifying movers from the moment their home goes on the market and following them through the move cycle. This presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to be proactive and contact customers with a wide spectrum of offers, at exactly the time they're thinking of switching. And with the majority of moves occurring in March and September, there's no better time to start looking at the service."

Callcredit's market-leading home mover data is collected between two and 12 weeks prior to the move, and can be supplied on a daily or a weekly basis for matching. Callcredit can also provide an end-to-end managed service, which includes matching data and managing the customer communication process on behalf of clients.