Callcredit Release Inspiring White Paper on Social Media and Mobile Marketing

White Paper: Social Media Comes of AgeDirect marketing and credit experts Callcredit Information Group have shared their social media knowledge in a white paper guide specifically for their new and existing clients.  The white paper entitled "Social Media Comes of Age" looks at the evolution of social media in today's e-marketing world.

The white paper written by Paul Kennedy, Head of Consulting at Callcredit Marketing Solutions demonstrates his expertise in direct marketing as he highlights that social media is no longer 'new' and has evolved in many different ways, therefore challenging businesses who, going forwards, will need to embrace a variety of tactics in order to engage and measure success.

Kennedy's points are all evidenced by compelling cross-checked sources that outline the continuously changing face of social media with key examples; such as the broad use of mobile marketing  to facilitate social media today. 

The white paper covers three main areas, the new 'business as usual', consumers, brands and platforms showing signs of social maturity and social is now a normal part of marketing, all of which combine to explain both why certain social media channels could benefit different industries and how the medium should be now be considered a standard tool in direct marketing  practice.

Paul Kennedy commented:

'The wider use of social media now forms an integral part of what we can deliver at Callcredit and this white paper has been designed to explain how it can help to develop any other business too.  The importance and potential of the platform is very exciting to us.  One of our key aims is transparency which is something we know our clients resonate with - we want to share as much of our knowledge as we can in order to help everyone move in the same direction.'

The publication has been released in the same week the Direct Marketing Association revealed that eight million SPAM messages are sent out every day.  Callcredit specialise in non-spamming marketing techniques and is leading the charge with this white paper by explaining how businesses can tastefully use their email lists together with social media to interact with customers, instead of bombarding them with generic ads.

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