Callcredit partners with personal information experts Ctrl-Shift

Ctrl Shift

Callcredit, the UK’s fastest growing and second largest consumer data agency, is partnering with specialist business consultancy, Ctrl-Shift, to interrogate the shifting dynamics in the personal information economy.

The collaboration will look to combine Ctrl-Shift’s proven experience and knowledge base with Callcredit’s pedigree in innovation in data application, to explore and highlight practical ways businesses can thrive in a rapidly changing data economy.

The announcement comes at a crucial time with Open Banking, the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all due to come into force within a year. These landmark legislations will redefine business-to-consumer relationships and usher in a new period of consumer empowerment.

Callcredit and Ctrl-Shift will carry out market analysis into the disruptive nature of the personal information economy and the opportunities this creates for businesses and their customers across a wide range of sectors. This will be published in November at PIE 2017, the world’s leading conference on the Personal Information Economy, at which Callcredit will also be sponsor and contributor.

Mike Gordon, CEO, Callcredit Information Group, said: “As a market leader, Callcredit has grown by listening to its clients to understanding what they want and the issues they face. We are focused on continuing this discipline and at a time of significant change, marked by Open Banking and GDPR, this partnership helps extend this approach and ensures that our business clients have access to the insights they need to prepare for the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead.

“This partnership with Ctrl-Shift ensures we get to hear the opinions and insights of senior stakeholders from across multiple industries.

“With an unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge of the personal information economy, Ctrl-Shift will enable us to stay at the forefront of this revolution and ensure that Callcredit and the businesses we work with are positioned strongly for the next phase of the digital age.”

Liz Brandt, CEO of Ctrl-Shift, said: “Callcredit has a long track record of identifying new data sources and using them in innovative ways and with this partnership recognises that the dynamics in the market are undergoing significant change.

“We are entering a new era of consumer empowerment in which forward-thinking businesses have a huge opportunity to roll out exciting new digital services that save customers time and money. The coming of GDPR, Open Banking and PSD2 will only accelerate this process.

“Callcredit is rightly viewing this market shift as an opportunity to evolve its approach to the use and categorisation of data and personal information and be thoughtful in in the way it applies this to benefit its clients, a move which will help ensure that they are positioned for further future growth.”

About Ctrl-Shift
Ctrl-Shift is a consultancy helping organisations to prosper in the new digital economy. By using information – especially customer information – in the hands of the individual, our clients build trusted and strategic market positions through new, rich digital services. We believe that by giving individuals control over their permissions, and helping them use their data to better manage their lives, organisations can create new information relationships that deliver competitive advantage, new revenues and efficiencies.

About PIE 2017
PIE 2017, the World’s leading conference on the Personal Information Economy, returns for its fourth year to investigate emerging ‘Me2B’ business models. The event brings together brand innovators and strategists, technology pioneers and entrepreneurs, policy makers and regulators to discuss how personal information is revolutionising the way business is done. Taking place on 6 November in Central London, PIE2017 will give attendees the opportunity to hear from the latest insights from courageous business leaders who are pioneering the Me2B model, see the latest technologies, products and services, using personal information at their core, and meet key people from all areas of the digital economy. Find out more at www.ctrl-shift.co.uk/pie17.