Callcredit partners with Avoco Identity

Callcredit and Avoco Identity announce today (13 June 2013) that they have created a solution that will empower Identity Assurance Services for public services, businesses and consumers.

The UK's Identity Assurance market is taking shape thanks in part to the Government's Digital Services Identity Assurance Programme and the GSMA's (Global Mobile Operator's Association) mobile identity initiative. The goal of Identity Assurance is to enable trust in the Digital economy.

Callcredit Information Group and its partner Avoco, announce that they are able offer a fully compliant, mature identity assurance solution to Identity Service Providers that wish to deploy under these and other scenarios. The solution enables Identity Service Providers to immediately offer the only consumer-citizen centric, Identity Provider platform in operation which meets the UK Government Identity Assurance requirements. The combination of Avoco's iSAML platform and Callcredit's data and subject matter expertise, enables Identity Service Providers to quickly deploy an operational and compliant 'plug and play' solution.

Angus Sim, Head of Alliances, Callcredit Information Group commented: "The Avoco iSAML platform has already been successfully tested and implemented as part of the Skills Funding Agency's identity assurance programme. This is the best possible credential to validate the Avoco solution.

"This means that the Identity Service Providers utilising the Avoco - Callcredit solution will have the advantage of being able to de-risk their investment and ensure they can be one of the first to market with a compliant solution."

Gerry O'Brien, CEO, Avoco Identity said: "Identity Service Providers (IDP's) that deploy the Avoco platform, achieve speed to market with a highly resilient and configurable vanilla platform.  This proven technology incorporating rich functionality permits identity service providers to offer an extremely cost effective service to their customers.

"The Avoco - Callcredit solution, is available as software as a service (SaaS) or can be deployed in the customer's own environment."

Key Features

  • Mature product - highly extensible.
  • SAML 2.0 compliant identity platform. Circa 10,000 hours of testing (penetration, user journey, MI, Audit etc)
  • Verified identities issued using Callcredit online verification service to allocate level of assurance based on the UK Government's Good Practice Guidelines (GPG45)
  • The established capability of CallValidate - Callcredit's flagship suite of IDV products
  • Plug-in architecture allows for rapid platform changes.
  • High scalability
  • State of the art security features built in
  • Citizen centric features configurable by business rule
  • Full audit capability and administration
  • Help desk module
  • Highly configurable front-end