Callcredit Operations begins friendship with children's day care centre

Newpaper and glassesIt is important for businesses to realise the impact they have on the communities in which they operate and contribute back into them, at Callcredit Information Group they do just this.

Employees in the Lithuanian office have started to develop a long-term relationship with a day care centre for children, Uzuoveja in Kaunas. Children that attend the day care centre are from disadvantaged families, whose income is not sufficient to meet basic living standards.

The day care centre has been established by a Lithuanian Samaritan organization that works for the benefit of Lithuania's society. At Uzuoveja children get lunch, play games, draw and learn elementary life skills such as domestic help, cooking and body care. The aim of the day care centre is to help children to shape positive attitude to life, develop their social, communication skills and improve their education by providing opportunities for self-expression. Children are also supported financially - they get clothes, stationery and have opportunity to spend time in summer camps.

Callcredit employees met children in the day care centre and spent time with them and played team building activities. At the end of the meeting, the children kept asking questions: "When do we meet again? What are we going to do? Will you invite us to the Arena? The employees at Callcredit did not disappoint and invited the children to watch a circus performance from Callcredit's sky box in Zalgiris Arena.

Last Saturday, 23 children from Uzuoveja together with centre manager and supervisors enjoyed the stunts of Circus performers, the children were very happy to see animals performing amazing tricks.

Callcredit Information Group encourages their employees in Lithuania and Great Britain to lend voluntary support to programmes that enrich and deliver direct benefits within their local communities. Callcredit employees are given the opportunity to use one working day a year to volunteer, employees in the Kaunas office have already visited a homeless dogs' shelter and have participated in an event to support local Zoo animals. Volunteering provides key personal development opportunities and also allows Callcredit to share more widely the skills, knowledge and experience of their employees.

The friendship with the children from Uzuoveja has just begun evolving; and Callcredit employees have high hopes that this friendship will be long term and will encourage the children to believe in themselves, achieve their goals, learn hard and develop positive attitudes. Next year the day centre hopes to move to larger premises and Callcredit are looking forwards to helping decorate the new space for the Children to enjoy. 

'Let's hurry to make good!' as the Samaritan slogan says!