Callcredit's range of credit pre-screening, scoring, data cleansing and data enhancing services, has firmly established the agency as a significant third player providing credit information services to the direct marketing industry.

Over the last 12 months, Callcredit has pre-screened over 200 million mailings for a significant number of leading players in the financial services and mail order industry.

Alison Nicholson, Callcredit's sales director for marketing solutions, says Callcredit is changing the way companies think about pre-screening their prospect mailings.

"Traditionally pre-screening has been a long drawn out bureau-based process. Companies have been forced to send their files to and from the bureau, adjusting the screening parameters until they achieved the right balance in terms of response, risk and responsible lending," she explained.

"We've changed the way the market operates by offering a direct interface with our data so companies can control the whole process themselves."

Callcredit's range of marketing solutions includes CallQualify, CallScreen, GeoRisk and GeoFraud.

CallQualify provides direct marketers with the ability to apply a pre-mailing risk score to all UK individuals prior to approaching them, thus ensuring that all consumers contacted have an acceptable risk profile in terms of the risk criteria applied by that organisation.

CallScreen provides the required datasets to effectively undertake credit pre-screening, ensuring responsible lending, promoting best practice, and avoiding the costs and adverse PR associated with putting consumers through a credit application process only to reject them at decision stage.

GeoRisk and GeoFraud are both postcode level indices. GeoRisk uniquely combines credit, demographic, and lifestyle datasets to profile consumers at postcode level more accurately than ever before.

GeoFraud, Callcredit's latest marketing solution, aggregates actual fraud data to create a fraud risk score for every postcode in Britain. It is an excellent tool for pre-screening direct mail lists to avoid areas where the risk of fraud is very high.

The use of GeoFraud to drop just 2% of high fraud risk prospects from a mailing would enable clients to significantly cut production and postage costs. A client sending 25 million mailings a year could easily save over £250,000 on production and mailing costs alone, not to mention transactional and staffing cost savings throughout the customer lifecycle.

Alison Nicholson concluded:

"The combination of CallQualify, CallScreen, GeoRisk and GeoFraud enables direct marketers to ensure that their campaigns strike the balance of minimising risk whilst maximising response - and they can control it all themselves."