Callcredit "New Movers" ready to go!

Having captured the 2006 edited Electoral Roll in record time, Callcredit is releasing its new credit-ready New Movers list on 15th January 2007.

Based on people who have changed addresses since the last Roll, the list contains details of individuals and households who will be extremely responsive to home improvement, household goods and financial services offers.

Callcredit's New Movers list can be pre-screened to exclude people for example with CCJs, bankruptcies and IVAs so that users can target individuals with offers appropriate to their risk profile and credit history.

In addition, to further enhance targeting and exclusion strategies, Callcredit can apply CAMEO property and affluence indicators to identify the type of move that has taken place.

Callcredit's head of credit marketing sales Janine Page said:

"New movers are prime targets for many businesses but they can be unpredictable in terms of their credit profile. The option to apply credit and risk data to our files means users can be sure that their offers are only reaching well-qualified prospects."

For more information about this list and Callcredit's full range of credit marketing services, call 0113 244 1555 or email marketingsolutions@callcredit.co.uk