Callcredit marks the age of the empowered consumer and its growth in the Fraud and ID market with two new senior appointments

Callcredit Information Group has made two new senior appointments to help it better serve and protect clients in the age of the empowered consumer. Against a backdrop of Open Banking, GDPR and the ever growing threat of fraud, Callcredit is seeking to provide better ways for brands to interact with their customers whilst also protecting them and their own business.

Kelli Fielding, has been appointed Managing Director, Consumer Markets and John Cannon as Managing Director, Fraud & ID. The appointments reflect Callcredit’s continued growth in the Fraud and ID market and its enhanced focus on helping businesses improve customer experience throughout the lifecycle.

Callcredit believes we are the era of the empowered consumer: Open Banking will enable people to share account information with organisations of their choosing, whilst GDPR will help protect consumers and their data and brings with it a plethora of new requirements for businesses handling personal information. All of this is happening against a backdrop of rising and increasingly sophisticated fraudulent activity, especially online.

Mike Gordon, CEO, Callcredit Information Group, comments: “Over the last year, our clients have had to wrestle with and get ready for a huge amount of regulatory change. At the same time consumers have rightly become more and more aware of the value their data holds. People are increasingly happy to share personal information in exchange for more tailored goods and services. However, they are also mindful of the potential pitfalls and expect organisations to protect them and ensure they can transact in a secure and efficient manner. The appointments we have made reflect this changing dynamic and the continued growth of our business.”

Kelli’s new role sees her focused on Callcredit B2B2C offering. She will be responsible for growing the Group’s partnerships with leading consumer brands, helping these clients to improve customer experience, whilst enabling consumers to make smarter, more informed financial decisions.

John is responsible for helping businesses secure their customers’ digital identities and detect fraud, whilst also achieving regulatory compliance. Callcredit is now an industry leader in the Fraud and ID arena and has brought a number of new and unique products and services to market in recent years.

Kelli Fielding BW Small

Kelli Fielding comments: “Now, more than ever, consumers expect brands to provide them with a personal experience. Doing this requires an increasingly sophisticated approach to how you source, collect and utilise first and third party data. Callcredit’s focus on identifying, categorising and analysing information is what helps set its clients apart and succeed in increasingly competitive markets.”

John Cannon BW Small

John Cannon comments: “We know consumers and businesses alike are faced with ever more sophisticated and targeted fraud. Equally, we recognise that people still expect fast, frictionless interactions, where checks aimed to ensure their protection are as unobtrusive as possible.

“By helping businesses implement smarter, more dynamic, multi-layered fraud prevention strategies we can help them protect and enhance their reputation by keeping their customers safe with little to no impact on how they interact.”

Mike Gordon, CEO, Callcredit Information Group, concludes: “Regulatory change and new technologies continue to present new challenges and opportunities. Businesses that embrace these changes are the ones that will succeed. We want to ensure we are able to help our clients adapt to this shifting landscape and that they are able to help protect and inform consumers so they can make the right decisions.”