Callcredit Marketing Solutions Launches UK’s First Customer Engagement Lab

Data and interaction specialist Callcredit Marketing Solutions is this week launching its Customer Engagement Lab, a purpose built channel rich facility to help clients to plan and improve their marketing programmes. The Lab is believed to be the UK's first such resource enabling clients to work out the best combinations of on and off-line interactions in real time, to achieve their marketing objectives.

Recent reports that the recession has rendered many traditional customer engagement models less effective are prompting marketers to review existing targeting and customer journeys. In response to this, Callcredit Marketing Solutions has created a unique environment where clients can design and test new approaches.

The Customer Engagement Lab, which is situated at the heart of Callcredit Marketing Solutions' contact centre, brings together the company's expertise in consumer data, communications planning, analysis and campaign execution. Guided by a team of customer engagement specialists, clients can rapidly build and test campaigns and prototype solutions, and view market and geo-demographic data to assist in their campaign planning.

The facility is available to clients for a range of purposes, including:

  • To support and inform forward thinking, strategy and planning sessions which can be held on site with all the relevant datasets, tools and executional capabilities on hand
  • To design and test specific campaigns or trials, utilising Callcredit Marketing Solutions' wide range of on site executional capabilities from contact centre through to email and social media
  • Post campaign analysis and programme evaluation workshops, which can include inputs from client and third party sources including response data, models, performance reporting from previous initiatives and a team of marketing specialists

The scope of the Lab's capabilities includes telephone, email, SMS, web chat and social media channels as well as a range of analytical tools, consumer classifications, credit/risk and geo-demographic data variables.

Caroline Worboys, Managing Director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions, comments:
"The ability to adapt to changing markets and customer needs is increasingly important in 2009 as marketers struggle to maintain marketing performance. What we can do with this Lab is work with clients to see how their brand should be engaging with customers and what tools and techniques can be used to enhance their performance in a difficult market."