Callcredit Marketing Solutions Launches New Online Data Cleaning Tool


Data and marketing experts Callcredit Marketing Solutions, have today launched their new self service tool for data cleaning, profiling and enhancement:  www.improvemydata.com which now supersedes their 'CAMEO Online UK' and 'Broadata' offerings.

Data Cleansing:
improvemydata.com provides a vast array of easy-to-use data verification and suppression functionalities including:  PAF Validation, Residency Verification, MPS/Baby MPS Screening and Goneaway and Deceased Suppression. It also incorporates Mover Tracing and Occupier Update using GAS Reactive and NCOA to ensure users can relocate customers when they have moved and identify who now lives in their old house. De-duplication, salacious word screening and email syntax validation is also available and functionality exists for users to create and screen against their own suppression files in the same simple process.

Credit Scoring & Suppression:
For those organisations who are promoting a credit offer, the system also provides CCJ, Bankruptcy and IVA Suppression. In addition Gauge for Marketing Credit Risk Scores can be used to profile and score customer and prospect records to assess their individual credit risk before they are mailed.

Telephone Number Appending & TPS Suppression:
improvemydata.com can be used to append BT Osis telephone numbers and ex-directory flags to data as part of the data cleansing and enrichment process, providing an additional contact channel to your database. TPS flagging is also available and as a special launch promotion we are offering  60% OFF  all TPS screening orders received before the end of May using Voucher Code TPSMAY09.

Data Profiling & Appending:
In these difficult times when customer retention, cross-sell and up-sell strategies are higher up on the agenda than customer acquisition, adding value to customer data is a must! A whole host of individual, household and postcode level variables have been built into improvemydata.com enabling users to quickly and easily enhance and profile their customer databases. Variables available include:

  • The full suite of CAMEO Postcode Classifications
  • Council Tax Bands and Property Prices from CAMEO Property+,
  • Credit Behaviour, Personal Savings, Investment, Attitudes to Personal Finance and Channel Preference classifications from CAMEO Personal Finance
  • Household Age, Income and Lifestyle-Lifestage segments from CAMEO Lifestyle
  • Household Composition
  • Length of Residency
  • Individual Modelled Age Band
  • Date of Birth
  • Director Flags
  • Investor Flags

Caroline Worboys, Managing Director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions comments:
"These exciting new developments put improvemydata.com  in an entirely different league and it provides a one-stop-shop for marketers to fulfil their UK data cleansing, profiling, data enrichment and credit scoring needs.  Alongside this site, our CAMEO Online Global service also continues to grow at 
www.cameo-online.com.  Users can now clean their customer data and append CAMEO Classification codes for 32 countries across Western and Eastern Europe, Australasia, The Americas and Asia."


Notes to Editors:

The full functionality of improvemydata.com includes:
  • PAF Validation & Enhancement
  • Residency Verification
  • Goneaway Suppression
  • Deceased Screening
  • NCOA Mover Tracing
  • GAS Reactive Mover Tracing
  • Occupier Update
  • CCJ, Bankruptcy & IVA Suppression
  • Pre-Mailing Credit Risk Scores Appends
  • MPS, TPS & Baby MPS Screening
  • Telephone Number Appending
  • Customer Profiling using CAMEO
  • Data Appending
  • Deduplication
  • Salacious Word Screening
  • User Suppression File Creation
  • Email Syntax Validation

About the Callcredit Information Group
Callcredit Information Group brings together experts across the fields of credit referencing, marketing services, interactive solutions and consultative analytics to enable our client base of businesses and consumers to make informed decisions using our innovative products and services. The group is made up of two complementary divisions:
  • Marketing Solutions, providing specialist knowledge in customer analytics, consumer targeting, database building and hosting, marketing communications, business modelling and market analysis through three market leaders in their own fields: EuroDirect, Broadsystem and GMAP Consulting.
  • Credit Solutions, encompassing Callcredit, Legatio and DecisionMetrics - specialists in credit risk, ID verification services and tracing tools.

About Broadsystem
Broadsystem creates, manages and delivers multi-channel customer communication strategies.  It develops, hosts, and manages marketing databases and, through the intelligent analysis of marketing data, delivers and handles marketing messages through integrated multi-channel communications. Broadsystem clients include: COI, Times Newspapers Limited, FT, BP, Sky, Continental Airlines, Lancôme, Mulberry, BBC World Service, FIVE, Vodafone, ING Direct, Thomson, Canderel, Wickes, TUI Group, NGN Group and Asthma UK. 

About EuroDirect
EuroDirect, the marketing services business within Callcredit information group and is one of the UK's leading marketing suppliers. It is well established in the field of direct marketing, clients include over 40% of the UK's top 1,000 companies, including three of the top five largest multi nationals. EuroDirect's clients come from all areas of business, including financial services, retail and leisure operations, utilities, publishing, agencies and bureaux. EuroDirect is a prime supplier of consumer data, targeting and segmentation systems, credit pre-screen services and software and technologies to help marketers undertake consumer profiling, analysis, targeting, data management, market analysis and decision support.