Callcredit Marketing Solutions Adds New ‘Append Nearest’ Functionality

Organisations who have stores, branches or retail outlets of any kind and want to advertise them within their direct mail campaigns will find great benefit in the new 'nearest' functionality within improvemydata.

Continuing with their commitment to invest in the development of improvemydata, Callcredit Marketing Solutions has this week added new functionality to their service, allowing marketers to perform 'nearest' analysis across any file run through the system. By uploading a file of store/branch names and postcodes, users can now append the nearest location to each consumer record processed. In addition the distance in miles and drivetime in minutes is also appended. Any number of separate store/branch lookup files may be loaded into the system.

improvemydata.com was launched in April 2009 to provide a cost effective and user friendly way for marketers to profile, audit, clean, screen, suppress and enhance consumer data online 24/7 from their desktop. New users can run a free data quality audit and profile report showing how their data can be improved, with no obligation to buy.

This new development is just one of the many investments that Callcredit Marketing Solutions is making in its data, technology and communications solutions and follows the launch of the UK's largest consumer prospect - Core - last week.

Caroline Worboys, Managing Director of Callcredit Marketing Solutions comments:
"The new 'allocate nearest' functionality in improvemydata.com will give marketers more power to manage their marketing strategies themselves, keeping costs down and ultimately generating higher ROI through improved understanding of their customer data. This recent burst of new product and service activity from Callcredit Marketing Solutions, follows an 18 month period of heavy investment and has resulted in some exciting new propositions, allowing us to provide the best possible service to our clients, whether it be through self-service online tools such as improvemydata.com or through a more bespoke database solution."