Callcredit Launches Online Employee Vetting Service

With internal staff fraud costing UK businesses £468m in 2005 according to the recent KPMG Forensic Fraud Barometer, credit reference agency Callcredit has launched an online employee vetting service to help employers identify fraudulent candidates and minimise the risk of recruiting staff who are unsuitable, unqualified and untrustworthy.

CallCV is a flexible and cost-effective service that speeds up the employee pre-screening process. Accessible online 24 / 7 it enables employers to perform identity and financial checks on candidates, confirm where they live, and verify details of academic and career history. It can even check professional memberships.

The service is menu-driven, giving users the flexibility to specify the checks that suit their needs, and it is priced accordingly. A basic ID check costs less than £4 with reference checking costing just £9.95.

Callcredit product director Graham Lund said:

"CallCV is far easier and cheaper than manual vetting and the cost pales into insignificance compared to the cost of recruiting a rogue employee, which can run into thousands of pounds when you take into account factors such as wasted management time, training, induction and the negative impact on the business.

Employee vetting is already a mandatory requirement in many regulated industries but it is essentially good recruitment practice for every employer. It is even recommended by MI5 as a security measure. CallCV makes it simple. It is convenient, quick, reliable and very competitively priced."