Callcredit launches Intouch - a new communication data append service for the collections industry

In a fast moving world it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate effectively with customers, so establishing contact and interacting with customers through multiple communication channels is key in delivering effective collections strategies.

Callcredit Information Group has launched 'Intouch' for the Collections industry. Intouch is a data append service that delivers consented multi-channel contact data sourced from the UK's top Financial Services, Insurers and Mail Order companies. It provides a cost-effective way of ensuring you can get in touch with customers, using consented multi-channel communication data, such as mobile number, email address and landline.

Key features:
• Sourced from the largest, most up-to-date multi-channel database in the UK
• Our high quality data is validated routinely and date stamped so you can tell us how far back you want to search
• Our clear and concise consent clause gives you the assurance you need to interact with your customers through multiple channels
• Intouch delivers email address, mobile and landline number, employment status, occupation and date last active at an address, where available
• Data is delivered through a quick and convenient batch service

James Syron, Market Development Manager, Callcredit said, "Callcredit has an unrivalled understanding of the Collection industry's needs and has developed a range of innovative information solutions. These industry-leading solutions help our clients to optimise their return on investment.

James added, "All our data has been through data cleansing and is regularly validated to provide quality data that delivers superior contact rates and results. It originates from real transactions and enquiries, captured with a prescriptive consent clause, and is not derived or modelled."