Callcredit launches DataDNA to deliver greater customer insight

Callcredit Information Group is pleased to announce the launch of DataDNA which will enable businesses to identify the same customer across any of their databases regardless of any name, date of birth or address variations with the aid of a new Callcredit DNA Number.

By creating and assigning a Callcredit DNA number to each individual within Callcredit's extensive name and address universe, businesses will be able to match new and existing customers to those already existing in another database.

The rapid growth of data in recent years has left organisations with silos of separate customer databases and with personal information changing over time due to life events such as moving home or change of name, the difficulty lies with trying to decipher which customers across each database are in fact the same people.

The unique Callcredit DNA number will allow organisations to use a common currency for accurate matching, reconciliation and identification and will also help to profile new customers against existing customer databases to aid modelling and segmentation activity.

James Syron, Market Development Manager at Callcredit commented "We are very excited about the release of DataDNA and believe that it will dramatically improve the way our clients use and hold their own data. With an increasing complex regulatory landscape, it's now more important than ever before to understand the makeup of your customers. DataDNA will enable our client's across a number of sectors to gain insight into whom their customers are across numerous databases, even if their personal information is different. It's been part of our blood for the last 10 years"