To help direct marketers qualify their prospects more effectively based on their credit risk, Callcredit has undertaken a scoring analysis of the marketing Electoral Roll, which puts individuals into one of five 'Credit Families'.

Fully committed
Well heeled

The 'Credit Families' file is also ideal for companies wishing to tailor their marketing messages dependent on an individual's credit profile.

'Fully committed' individuals are typified by having multiple historic credit difficulties, living in poor socio economic areas and are very transient between addresses. This grouping has a high level of young adults/students and starter families with credit arrears. These individuals are more than likely over indebted and have many credit commitments.

'Borderline' individuals are likely to have slightly less historic credit difficulties and will be considered near or sub prime. They may have had one period of historic credit trouble and still be trying to get finances under control. They have a high probability of getting into further minor credit difficulties in the future. These individuals will respond to credit offers with competitive APR rates.

'Steady' individuals have either recovered or are recovering from any previous credit difficulties and have a few years of stable residency. These individuals live in medium to good, often suburban, areas and are typified by young families and downsizers.

'Comfortable' individuals are typically responsive to credit offers that include loyalty schemes and bonus awards. They tend to have a larger than normal disposable income and a medium to long period of residency at their current address. Mature people living in leafy streets and the countryside typify this category.

The 'Well heeled' can be classed as wealthy individuals who are typified by having shareholdings, long lengths of residency and large houses. They tend to be unresponsive to standard credit offers as obtaining credit is not a problem.

The 'Credit Families' file is priced at £90 per 1,000 (minimum order £1,500) and can be supplied pre-screened to remove individuals with CCJ's and bankruptcies.

For more information contact Glyn Cowlishaw at Callcredit on 0113 2441555 or email glyn.cowlishaw@callcredit.plc.uk