Callcredit launch unique online retail verification tool

Pioneering credit reference agency Callcredit today announce the launch of CallValidate their unique and innovative online customer-not-present verification tool. The first electronic service in the UK to provide a single search that confirms the customer's identity (name, address date of birth) linked to their bank account and debit or credit card details used for payment during a live transaction.

By coupling ID confirmation with bank and credit card information CallValidate offers the most comprehensive and robust identity verification check in the UK market place.

CallValidate provides the following checks;

  • ID Verification Check - Confirms the identity of the individual against a wide range of sets, including the Electoral roll and a wide range of financial performance data
  • Bank Standard Check - Confirms account number to sort code, the type of account and the transactions it can support
  • Bank Enhanced Check - The first service in the UK that can match an applicant's details to the named account holder at the nominated address held by the bank
  • Credit & Debit Card Validation - Confirms the card is active and that the card is not lost, stolen, expired or cancelled. Also checks AVS and the CV2 numbers. Can match the applicant to the named account holder at the nominated address held by the credit card provider

Graham Lund, Managing Director at Callcredit said, "All retailers today recognise the benefits of a successful e-commerce channel, but also understand the need to verify their online transactions. Specifically retailers must guard against the risks posed by fraud and the need to screen against the supply of prohibited goods to underage customers. Getting this balance right is crucial to success.

Online retailers can now enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency and profitability in their e-commerce channels, by conducting their customer due diligence live during each transaction with CallValidate to minimise their exposure to transaction failure and payment fraud."


About Callcredit
  • As the most technologically advanced UK credit reference agency, Callcredit provides information services to an extensive range of business sectors. Callcredit Direct (www.callcreditdirect.co.uk) was established in 2004 to serve small to medium enterprises and has expanded from a team of four to employ forty dedicated staff. We can help you confirm that your customers are who they say they are, avoid fraud, and assess credit risk.
  • Callcredit is one of six core businesses that form the Callcredit Information Group www.callcreditgroup.com

Why CallValidate?

  • Real-time Identity Check at point of application
  • Reduced risk of fraud
  • Compliance with current legislation and regulations
  • Low cost when compared to traditional identity checks
  • Excellent experience for customers
  • Increase in the take-up of products and services through added efficiency
  • Offers an alternative to paper signatures

Find out more at www.callcreditdirect.co.uk or call 0113 220 1616