Callcredit launch new CAMEO USA

News 1Callcredit Information Group has now launched an updated version of its consumer segmentation tool CAMEO USA, offering clients the most granular view available of consumers in this region.

CAMEO delivers valuable insight into consumers by linking addresses to demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic information and then segmenting these into customer types, helping businesses to identify who their customers are and how to target these groups effectively.

CAMEO USA has been rebuilt using the 2010 US Census and the American Community Survey, incorporating new financial datasets to identify financial stress - a key indicator of spending power, those who have additional incomes, the average value of properties and details of rent and mortgage repayments - all of which can be analysed at both national and state level.

By building the database using census data, CAMEO USA offers greater granularity by providing 30 times more areas the previous version. There have also been improved modelling techniques to allow greater differentiation between consumer types, with 58 categories in 10 groups, compared to 52 categories in 9 groups in the previous version.

Martin Bradbury International Client Services Director said "Knowing who your customers are is at the heart of any business, CAMEO provides sophisticated insight to enable businesses to stay in touch with their customer base. The new CAMEO USA provides a greater level of granularity to provide more in-depth insight into consumers in the USA"