Callcredit joins leaders in online identity and becomes a member of OIX

OIX member

Callcredit Information Group has today announced it has joined the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) to help support and build greater trust in online transactions.

A non-profit trade organisation, OIX aims to address the increasing challenges of building trust in online identity. OIX members, including Barclays, Google, Microsoft and Timpson’s, span the globe and lead industry sectors. Since its formation in 2010, OIX has driven the adoption of new and existing online identity products and services through the development of trust frameworks and listing services. 

Businesses and consumers alike are grappling with the issue of who can they trust online. While society tries to solve these complex problems the fraudsters are taking advantage and Callcredit is seeing ever increasing levels of cybercrime, identity theft and related crimes. Traditionally solutions that make a transaction more secure have the converse effect of making it less convenient - the race is on to deliver solutions which are both more secure and take the friction out of any process.

Angus Sim, Head of Alliances, Callcredit Information Group said: “This is a surprisingly complex area and one which has taken a number of years for the market to develop and deploy meaningful solutions. Much of this progress has been made possible by the vision and work of OIX and its members in their desire to make the connected economy a better place to do business.

“Working together with partners such as OIX and its members is increasingly important to deliver the solutions that our customers want and so to grow our market into the next economic cycle.”

Experts in fraud, trust and risk, Callcredit has joined the pioneering federation to assist in developing a more consumer-centric approach to data and a world where online transactions need to be increasingly secure, convenient and based on trusted relationships between multiple parties.

Don Thibeau, Chairman, Open Identity Exchange said: “Callcredit’s upcoming annual Fraud Summit, the Evolution of Trust, speaks directly to the OIX’s mission, to accelerate the volume and velocity of trusted transactions on the web. It is what all our members and Callcredit, a most welcome new member, have in common.”