Callcredit Introduces Credit-Ready Lists of 'New Movers' and 'New Attainers'

Callcredit is releasing two new lists from the start of April, which will help businesses to target home-movers and young people who are approaching adulthood.

The New Movers list provides early access to 3.5 million individuals and households who will be extremely responsive to home improvement and financial services offers.

The New Attainers list contains 300,000 individuals who have recently had or will be shortly celebrating their 18th birthday.

Built on the latest 2004 Electoral Roll data, both lists are pre-screened to remove people with CCJs or bankruptcies, ensuring the files only contain those individuals who are well-qualified and fresh to market to.

Callcredit can apply property and affluence indicators to the New Movers list to identify the type of move that has taken place, while the New Attainers list is provided with dates of birth attached so mailings can be timed to coincide with birthdays and offer related products and services.

The lists cost £125 per 1000 for New Movers and £95 per 1000 for New Attainers (minimum order £1,500).

Callcredit marketing services sales director Alison Nicholson, said:

"New movers and new attainers are prime targets for many businesses but they can be unpredictable in terms of their credit profile. That's why we've applied credit and risk data to our files so that users can be sure that their offers are only reaching well-qualified prospects"

For more information about Callcredit's full range of credit marketing services call 0113 244 1555 or email marketingsolutions@callcredit.plc.uk

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