Callcredit Information Group signs armed forces covenant ahead of Armed Forces Day

Callcredit Information Group will be marking Armed Forces Day on Saturday 25 June, by signing the Armed Forces Covenant which is “a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly.”

“As one of the UK’s leading credit reference agencies, signing the Covenant commits Callcredit to ensuring that no member of the armed services nor their spouse are discriminated against and that they receive special assistance in recognition of their service to the country,” said Mike Gordon, CEO, Callcredit Information Group.

Callcredit will:

  • Seek to support the employment of veterans who satisfy the company’s vetting checks;
  • Strive to support the employment of service spouses and partners by recognising military skills, experience and qualifications that are relevant to the role applied for;
  • Endeavour to offer a degree of flexibility in granting leave for service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner's deployment;
  • Seek to support our employees who choose to be members of the reserve forces, including by accommodating their training and deployment where possible; and
  • Aim to mark Armed Forces Day and support armed forces charities.

The company will also include these commitments in its human resources policy and employee handbook, and promote them on its company website and in relevant literature.

“Callcredit has a long tradition of supporting staff who choose to give something back to their country and the local area,” continued Mike Gordon.

We offer charity matching and charity days and in 2014, we encouraged more than one third (38%) of employees to volunteer in the community. Fulfilling our responsibilities to armed forces personnel and their spouses, through the Covenant, is a natural extension of this.”