Callcredit Information Group launches nationally scalable counter-fraud and data sharing hub for the public sector

ThreeSixty Hub (1)Callcredit Information Group has recently launched its enhanced ThreeSixty Hub, its nationally scalable counter-fraud hub and data sharing solution for local authorities, which is now available to housing associations and arms length management organisations (ALMOS). 

With more than 20 members already, local authorities, housing associations and ALMOS can benefit from the housing data shared between themselves and by councils which provide greater insight to help tackle fraud. The ThreeSixty Hub has also been designed to include other public bodies such as the National Crime Agency, health trusts and the police.

The ThreeSixty Hub provides the public sector with three key benefits: first, it offers greater insight into fraud pressure points, including a range of non-benefit data from blue badge, parking permit and council tax reduction to name a few; second, it enables better informed decisions when it comes to targeting fraudsters more effectively; finally, it enables hub members to have a real time view of individuals using their goods and services. Identifying fraud and error when public sector resources are finite helps to direct goods and services to those who need it the most.

Victoria Jackson, Business Development Manager, Callcredit Information Group said: “Through reciprocal sharing, the ThreeSixty Hub enables targeted investigations and means dedicated resources can be deployed to the highest risk areas of fraud within an organisation in order to increase detection and safeguard revenues.  Many investigations teams are being given billable targets as an alternative to the old welfare benefits overpayments targets. Our research reveals that the highest fraud risks to councils are housing, direct payments and procurement. The ThreeSixty Hub allows organisations to take a risk-based approach; increase the chances of reaching their internal savings targets; and mitigate the risk of their teams becoming smaller as a result of the implementation of the Single Fraud Investigation Service.”

In 2014, existing hub members conducted more than 56,000 ThreeSixty Online credit checks for prevention and detection of fraud on active counter fraud cases.  Of these searches, 22,508, equivalent to 40 per cent, were returned which revealed cross borough matches across multiple local authorities, highlighting fraudulent activity. 

Emma Vick, Counter Fraud Manager for OneSource London Borough of Newham and Havering said: “The additional and redeveloped functionality of the ThreeSixty Hub will allow us to direct limited resources to the areas where we have the highest risk of fraud across our organisation. The addition of new datasets will not only give us an insight into individuals across all Hub members, but also give us a clear view of the data we hold within the council. It will now be easier for us to show the results of our counter fraud work with members and senior officers.”