Callcredit Information Group announces real-time data sharing initiative

Callcredit Information Group has today (20th March 2013) announced its intention to enable real-time data sharing across its portfolio of lending clients.

An integral part of Callcredit's vision statement is 'enabling smarter decisions' and we are continually looking to encourage greater data sharing where we think we can help lenders to make more accurate and responsible lending decisions. We have a number of such initiatives and providing more timely data sharing is one of them.

Peter Mansfield, Managing Director of Callcredit Limited, commented, "The lending landscape has changed considerably over recent years. In response to this, together with significant demand from many of our Alternative Lending clients and interest from traditional mainstream lenders, we are delighted to announce that we are building a real-time reporting solution. As well as addressing specific and immediate concerns in the Alternative Lending sector we believe that it is crucial to build a solution that benefits a broad spectrum of lenders". 

Callcredit is already working with many lenders, including 9 of the top 10 online Short-Term Lenders, with its range of innovative credit reporting, fraud prevention and affordability tools. We collect the vast majority of search and performance data within the Alternative Lending sector, which helps lenders to make better risk assessments and lending decisions. Combining this extensive level of data with real-time reporting will make it unrivalled in terms of performance and insight.  Callcredit is now working with a number of key clients and trade associations to develop this initiative.

Peter added, "Our history of innovation in this area, as demonstrated by our daily triggers product and our Overindebtedness Initiative, clearly puts us in an ideal position to drive this development forward which will ultimately benefit all lenders and the consumer".