Callcredit highlights at DataIQ Summit how data is driving the way to multi-channel marketing

Kevin TelfordFor a second year running Callcredit Marketing Solutions is pleased to be sponsoring and presenting at the DataIQ Summit in London on 17 October 2012.

The Summit sets the agenda for the data-driven business for the next three years, Callcredit's own industry expert and strategy director, Kevin Telford will be speaking about how data drives multi-channel marketing.

With this year's theme being "Intelligent Business", looking at how to ensure data gets promoted from the back room to the board room, Kevin will be covering key areas including;

  • how insight into behaviour and understanding context is changing marketing
  • how intelligence is delivering results
  • why it makes sense to put people at the front of marketing. 

Kevin Telford, Strategy Director, Callcredit Marketing Solutions said: "Multi-channel marketing (MCM) is simply committing to listen, understand people, plan more, engage them to deliver better experience in return more effective results than the 'old' approach."

Kevin and other Callcredit experts will be available on the day to speak to data professionals about its award winning consumer database Define. Define contains more individuals with more contact 'touch-points' than any other consumer dataset in the marketplace. Define drives the most effective marketing results, enables a single customer view and high level of consumer engagement. The multi channel or holistic addressing is made up of the largest volume, best quality email, mobile and landline contacts that marketers will find anywhere. 

Kevin continued: "The DataIQ Summit is a great event for us to be involved in and with so many industry practitioners attending it's a great opportunity for us to network and talk about the converging trends in data, technology, business and society that will impact our businesses across the next decade."

For further information on the Summit visit: http://www.dqmgroup.com/future2012