Callcredit helps Gateshead Council to trace and collect thousands of pounds of unpaid council tax

Gateshead Council has signed up with Callcredit Information Group to use its market leading ThreeSixty Online product to help recover thousands of pounds of outstanding council tax debt.

Experts in UK and international consumer information management, Callcredit will help Gateshead Council to trace the current whereabouts of those residents that owe council tax and in addition will help the council to identify how able those consumers are to pay what is owed.

By using Callcredit's unique ThreeSixty Online tool Gateshead will be able to view an individual's address history, current location, existing financial commitments, total level of indebtedness and recent account repayment behaviour to better understand likely levels of available income.

Lee Birch, Business Development Manager, Callcredit Information Group said: "With a population in excess of 200,000, Gateshead Council needed a fast, easy-to-use, cost-effective tool.  Our ThreeSixty Online product provides the Council access to credit bureau data to enable them to  identify where council tax debtors have moved to, assess individual's ability to pay and then work with the Council's Money Advice team to help vulnerable debtors agree sensible, affordable re-payment arrangements."

Graeme Moffitt, Financial Services Manager, Gateshead Council said: "Callcredit has the unique knowledge and insight in the public sector that we needed.  By using its ThreeSixty Online product we are hoping to recover considerable much needed and essential revenue for the Council.

"It will also be useful to understand the financial circumstances of those residents that are in council tax debt and be able to work out a suitable payment solution for both parties."