Callcredit gives new look to its online credit reports

Callcredit has responded to feedback from its rapidly growing customer base by launching new versions of its two online credit reference reports, CallReport and SHAREReport, which are more intuitive and user-friendly.

Graham Lund, Callcredit's product director, says:

"More and more UK lenders are signing up for our services and providing us with valuable feedback. As a result, we've significantly enhanced the layout of the reports, making them easier to navigate and easier to interpret, with more print options."

Ms Nicholson recommends that people who have been turned down for credit shouldn't apply for any more credit until they have checked the state of their credit file.

CallReport is Callcredit's general use credit report, which confirms an applicant's name, address and the presence or absence of any adverse public data.

SHAREReport also includes an applicant's credit account performance data and is only available to companies that contribute to the database as members of the SHARE closed user group.

More information on the improvements to CallReport and SHAREReport is available from Callcredit's client help desk on 0845 120 1222.