Callcredit delivers ‘blue sky’ insight into everyone’s back garden through advanced mapping analysis

Callcredit Marketing Solutions has today 31st October 2011 announced that it has developed a marketing list specifically for the renewable energy market. Using advanced mapping analysis they have analysed the orientation of every garden in the UK and identified over 8.5 million households with south facing gardens.

But why is this useful? With every south facing garden there's more than likely a south facing roof and with the majority of solar panel customer's wishing to hide them on the rear of their property, this provides valuable targeting intelligence when combined with data on house type, tenure, property size, affluence and green attitudes.

So how can this help the renewable energy market? There are almost 4,000 UK businesses in the solar panel market, including leading utility providers. With accurately targeted data for direct marketing the industry can benefit from:

  • Increased targeting means reduced campaign costs
  • Increased response from customer acquisition activity
  • Provision of a complete service from list supply to campaigning -if required
  • Vast multi-channel data enabling you to target consumers in a variety of ways

The data can be made available in the form of mailing lists, email lists, mobile marketing lists and telemarketing lists. What's more Callcredit is able to take the hassle out of the whole campaign by providing a full lead generation service using its data and contact centre if required.

Chris Savage Managing Director, Callcredit Marketing Solutions said, "With the increase in demand for renewable energy, particularly by those looking to reduce their own carbon footprint and utility bills by producing their own electricity through solar power, we can now deliver these unique insights to marketers, enabling them to plan bespoke marketing campaigns that will generate new and profitable business".