Callcredit Customises Credit Data for Collections

Callcredit Information Group has launched Bureau Summary Block Lite (BSB Lite) for the Collections Industry, which delivers a configurable view of individuals' credit data to feed into credit scoring and decision software.

Working with industry members, Callcredit's specialist collections consultants have developed a subset of variables that enhance collections and recoveries scorecards and can be integrated into collections strategies. Uniquely, out of the 800 variables available, clients can select only the fields that they require, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

BSB Lite allows data to be sent and received via Callcredit's API, which means that the service is available 24/7 and can return data almost instantly. This means that as well as costs being reduced by delivering only the required variables, time is also saved waiting for data to be returned.

Alan Golob, Head of Collections at Callcredit said: "By consulting with the industry, we have developed BSB Lite that allows users to pick and choose the variables that add most value to their business; this means that they aren't paying for data that they don't need.

"Specific variables have been developed for collections and, with our innovative technology, we can deliver data almost instantly. In a very competitive market, the time and cost savings delivered with this very targeted data, as well as the value the insight can add to a process, can produce great benefits."