Callcredit continues to lead the way in customer satisfaction!

NewsCallcredit's customer satisfaction survey was conducted for the eighth consecutive year between June and August, with a sample of decision makers representing 91 different companies questioned on Callcredit's service, product attributes and the attitude of our people.

The breadth, quality and availability of data was clearly identified as one of the main reasons for businesses using Callcredit Information Group's services.

The brands position remained strong following on from the previous year with innovation, excellent customer service and the quality of credit data being the top attributes given to Callcredit. When asked to compare Callcredit against its main competitors on 7 key performance indicators, Callcredit consistently scored higher on all areas including, quality of service, innovation and strength of relationship - all of which were recognised as Callcredit's core strengths.

The survey also revealed positive results looking to the future with 96% saying that they would consider using Callcredit for future projects and when asked how they would describe Callcredit to a colleague the top 3 answers were innovative, flexible and professional.

John McAndrew, CEO at Callcredit said "This has been another excellent year and the customer satisfaction survey confirms the hard work and dedication our people have put in. There has been pleasing improvements across the board and it is satisfying to know the high regard in which we are held by our clients whom we work closely with and it is these close relationships which enable us to develop and innovate which is something we strive to continue doing to meet the needs of our clients."