Callcredit adopts Featurespace’s ARIC technology

The UK's most innovative credit reference agency partners with leaders in behavioural analytics

Callcredit Information Group has announced a partnership with behavioural analytics specialist Featurespace, which will enable Callcredit to extract more detailed insight from its clients' data and predict more accurately future outcomes.

The partnership will provide Callcredit with access to Featurespace's core Adaptive Behavioural Analytics engine - ARIC, and its team of data scientists, as well as provide a secure experience for consumers and merchants using mobile payments.  The award-winning ARIC engine combines the power of Bayesian statistical algorithms with advanced machine learning to create the only Adaptive Behavioural Analytics software in existence. In short it predicts the future.

Callcredit's unrivalled data assets will be combined with the world's most advanced approach to data analytics, enabling Callcredit and its clients to remain at the forefront of machine learning technology.  The partnership will enable Callcredit to develop new and exciting solutions thanks to ARIC's ability to understand individual and group behaviour in real time, and calculate human interaction events before they occur.

John Cannon, Head of Fraud & ID, Callcredit Information Group explained: "It's increasingly tough for experts to be able to notice subtle changes in the vast amounts of data we hold. As a result, we needed a machine based approach that is self-learning, real time and able to spot subtle changes. Experts still need to interpret the output, and it's this that determines the difference between success and failure for our clients' businesses. We have been working closely with Featurespace's advanced analytics to detect fraud and I am delighted to announce we are entering into a more strategic relationship which is great news for Callcredit, our clients and ultimately our clients' customers."

Graham Lund, UK Managing Director, Callcredit Information Group added: "In the last three years, fraud and identity solutions have been one of the fastest growing parts of Callcredit. Featurespace's approach enables us to layer behavioural understanding across our entire group's data assets, driving value across the Callcredit Information Group to further enhance our reputation as innovators in consumer data."

Martina King, CEO of Featurespace said: "The ARIC engine enables clients' to understand the positive and negative behaviour of their customers. Our solutions range from the most up-to-date fraud identification, to churn predictors and customer analysis. Combining Callcredit's impressive data sets with our unique analytical approach will create a truly innovative partnership. Data is set to become one of the most valuable commodities this century, but it's what we do with it that will create the real value."