BrightHouse extends strategic partnership with Callcredit

Callcredit is pleased to announce that BrightHouse has signed a three year deal to use its CallReport product, which helps the assessment of credit applications through the analysis of an individual's complete credit profile.

BrightHouse is a national retail chain specialising in the sale of home electronic and domestic appliances, household furniture and related products, on a 'rent to own' affordable weekly payment basis. By performing credit searches at point of application using Callcredit's CallReport, combined with the unique features of Callcredit's Bureau Summary Solution, BrightHouse will be able to use the data within their own scorecards and automate decisions, ensuring they will have a greater insight into an applicant's financial circumstances. The overall result of this will mean BrightHouse being able to accept the optimum number of applications while reducing the level of bad debt.

David Poole, BrightHouse Credit and Risk Director said: "At BrightHouse we aim to be a responsible lender. It is vital, therefore, that we have appropriate tools to help our customers avoid over-indebtedness and manage credit sensibly. We believe CallReport is an ideal solution that meets our needs."

Sue Woods, Head of Business Development at Callcredit said: "We already have a strong relationship with BrightHouse through the supplying of marketing data and we are delighted that they have extended their partnership with us. Our high level of data matching will enhance the number of applications that they are able to accept, while further insight into their customer's indebtedness will help them to make responsible decisions regarding the level of credit provided."