Automotive Focus: Subaru

Did you know…?

Key Statistics:

  • Automotive experts GMAP Consulting (part of Callcredit Information Group) have analysed the latest market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data to provide an insight into the 113,562 Subarus currently registered in the UK.

  • Subaru represents 0.303% of UK registered vehicles.

  • Subaru ranks as the 30th most favoured make by UK consumers.

  • There is a slight male skew in ownership as only 18.99% of UK Subarus belong to private female owners, and 68.30% belong to males. They are not overly popular as company cars as only 5.31% are owned this way. This could be because Subarus have only recently been marketing a diesel engine. The remaining cars have no gender assigned.

  • 41.10% of Subarus are estates and 32.38% are 4 door saloons.

  • 28.06% of Subaru owners have chosen to put private plates on their vehicle, which is almost twice as likely as the average car owner.

  • 6.10% of Suzukis are classified as Imports.

  • 82.85% of Subarus are manual transmission and 17.15% are automatic.

  • The top 10 locations to see Subarus are: Sheffield, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Guildford, Gloucester, Edinburgh, Tunbridge Wells, Newscastle Upon Tyne, Nottingham and Reading. Together these locations contain 20.33% of all UK Subarus.

  • The most popular model is the Subaru Impreza, making up 51.07% of the UK Subaru market, followed by the Subaru Legacy with 20.92% and the Subaru Forester with 19.12%.

  • The top two favoured colours are Blue (26.57%) and Silver/Aluminium (22.64%) which together makes up 49.21% of all UK Subarus. Subarus that are 2 or more colours (11.05%) (perhaps due to Subaru's popularity with aftermarket tuners) or Green (10.06%) follow close behind.

  • 9.48% of Subarus are less than 24 months old, 24.41% are younger than 4 years old. There are many old Subarus still on the road with 26.36% being over 10 years old, and therefore qualifying for scrappage.

  • Only 7.36% have an engine size below 1949. 73.29% have engine sizes between 1950 and 2449. The remaining 19.34% have engine sizes above 2450.

  • 71.99% are classified as Medium Family cars and 19.12% as Small 4x4's.

This analysis has been performed by GMAP using current market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data.