Automotive Focus: Fiat

Did you know…?

Key Statistics:

  • There are 868,210 Fiats currently registered in the UK.

  • This represents 2.34% of UK registered vehicles.

  • Fiats rank as the 13th most favoured make by UK consumers.

  • 43.43% of UK Fiat's belong to private female and 43.80% by males, making an almost equal gender split. 4.60% are company car owned. The genders owning the remaining cars are unknown.

  • 42.46% of Fiats are 5 door Hatchbacks, 48.43% are 3 door Hatchbacks and 2.53% are Estates.

  • 5.38% of Fiat owners have chosen to put private plates on their vehicle.

  • 0.58% of Fiats are classified as Imports.

  • 99.09% of Fiats are manual transmission and just 0.91% are automatic.

  • The top 10 locations to see Fiats are: Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Nottingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Stockport, Doncaster and Northampton. Together these locations contain 20.78% of all Fiats.

  • The most popular model is the Fiat Punto, which dominates sales and makes up 59.81% of the Fiat market.

  • The top two favoured colours are Blue (26.91%) and Grey (18.84%) which make up 45.76% of all Fiats. Red (18.36%) and Black (13.68%) follow close behind.

  • 11.16% are less than 24 months old. 25.00% are younger than 4 years old and 20.49% of Fiats are over 10 years old.
  • 19.59% have an engine size less than 1149. 55.22% have engine sizes between 1150 and 1349. The remaining 25.19% have engine sizes above 1350.

This analysis has been performed by GMAP using current market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data.