Automotive Focus: C-MAV's

Did you know…?

C-MAV is a car classification used to describe multi-purpose vehicle versions of small family cars, As such, it may also be described as a compact MPV. Colloquially, this means cars with tall bodies but based on the chassis and engines of a C-Segment family car incorporating innovative and flexible seating and storage.

Key Statistics:

  • There are 1,419,541 C-MAVs currently registered in the UK.

  • This represents 4.67% of UK registered vehicles.

  • 29.97% of C-MAVs belong to private female owners, and 45.76% by males. 17.31% are company car owned. The genders owning the remaining cars are unknown.

  • 54.44% of C-MAVs are classed as MPVs and 24.76% are 5 Door Hatchbacks.

  • 8.75% of C-MAV owners have chosen to put private plates on their vehicle.

  • Only 0.27% of C-MAVs are classified as Imports.

  • 87.22% of C-MAV Cars are manual transmission and 12.78% are automatic.

  • The top 10 locations to see C-MAVs are: London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Leicester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff and Reading. Together these locations contain 21.80% of all C-MAVs.

  • The most popular C-MAV make is Renault which represents 24.36% of the market. Next in line are Vauxhall (23.62%) and Citroen (17.34%).

  • The most popular C-MAV model is the Vauxhall Zafira, making up 23.82% of the C-MAV market, closely followed by the Renault Scenic with 21.13% and the Citroen Xsara Picasso with 17.34%. Although, if the numbers of Renault Scenics and the Renault Grand Scenics are combined, this would make the top of the list.

  • The top two favoured colours are Silver/Aluminium (30.30%) and Blue (24.10%) which together make up 54.40% of all C-MAVs. Grey (11.58%) and Black (10.45%) follow close behind.

  • 22.73% are less than 24 months old, 49.46% are younger than 4 years old. Only 1.39% of C-MAVs are over 10 years old.

  • 10.68% have an engine size less than 1549, 44.54% have engine sizes between 1550 and 1749. The remaining 44.78% have engine sizes above 1750.