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52 Communities First Clusters throughout Wales go-live with Coactiva’s Performance Management Solution

Communities First is a community focused programme that supports the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty agenda. The programme is designed to improve the living conditions and prospects of people living in the most disadvantaged communities across Wales, with the aim of helping to alleviate persistent poverty.

Welsh Government commissioned Coactiva to develop a performance management solution that allowed the Communities First Clusters and Shared Outcomes providers that work in the communities to record and manage their performance information in an easy and user-friendly way.

Coactiva’s web-based Ffynnon system (known as Aspireview in England) was implemented to achieve this goal. Coactiva worked closely with Welsh Government to build an identical set of performance measures and on-line reports (dashboards) for each of the 52 Communities First Clusters to update and report on a quarterly basis.

In addition to building the system, the Communities First Support Service, delivered under contract to Welsh Government by Wales Council for Voluntary Action to support Communities First clusters, commissioned Coactiva to undertake a large array of support sessions for every stakeholder, including: group training, one to one support sessions, webinars and provided ad-hoc support through Coactiva’s helpdesk and consultants.

By using a universal set of measures and dashboards, each cluster is now able share information between themselves and are able to report their individual data to Welsh Government in an identical format. This allows for accurate data comparisons across Wales and to ensure that every community in the programme is being helped out of poverty.

“Having commissioned Coactiva to undertake this support I would like to draw your attention to how impressed we, Clusters and Shared Outcomes providers were with your implementation consultant’s patience, energy, diligence and quality of advice. I look forward to working with Coactiva again in the future.” 
Russell Todd, Advice Co-ordinator, Communities First Support Service, Wales Council for Voluntary Action.