14 Local Authorities in Essex adopt Coactiva Intercept's Trace solution to effectively share data across Local Authority boundaries

Coactiva is pleased to announce that 14 Local Authorities in Essex have signed up for their Intercept Trace solution.

Intercept Trace will allow Local Authorities in Essex to access current and historical in-depth claimant level information for fraud and error purposes.

Using the Intercept Trace solution, Local Authorities in Essex will be able to:

  • Verify new claims details against previous claims made at other Local Authorities
  • Trace debt absconders across Local Authority boundaries
  • Share data on demand securely over Government Connect

The common approach within the 14 Local Authorities was established by the Essex Online Partnership (EOLP) which is an IT partnership comprising the Essex district/borough councils, unitary councils, County Council, Essex Police and Essex Fire & Rescue.

Lee Hession, IT Manager Basildon Borough Council and Chair of the EOLP Management Group commented: "EOLP as an IT Partnership are always looking to implement solutions that have a positive business impact. The implementation of the Intercept Trace solution will enable Revenues and Benefits departments across the county to significantly reduce benefit fraud thereby delivering efficiencies.  Having this ability to cross reference current information against historic information within authorities provides additional safeguards and enables additional avenues to trace debtors."

Ray Fielding, CEO Coactiva Group added: "We are delighted to welcome on board the 14 Local Authorities from Essex. Our secure, hosted solution will help them securely share Housing Benefit data and support their aim to reduce fraud and error across Essex."